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MultiPress saves you hours of work - just upload your keywords and blogs will be automatically created!

MultiPress can grab content from multiple article directories, RSS feeds, YouTUBE videos, Flickr photos and many more allowing you to make your newly created blogs have fresh content, look like real life blogs and attract real visitors by submitting blogs RSS feeds to aggregators.

Upload your list of keywords and MultiPress will generate blogs in a matter of seconds on Auto-Pilot - each having it's very own domain or subdomain, template and content, all based on your single WordPress installation. On top of that, each MultiPress Plug-In Bundle comes with an unlimited personal license which allows you to use MultiPress on as many domains as you want.
Stop slaving over articles or shelling out hundreds of dollars a month to hire article writers. Set up rules and MultiPress will take care of the content - grab full text from RSS feeds, article directories, and Y! Answers. Automatically post videos from YouTUBE or photos from Flickr. Better than that, all of your posts will can be automatically rewritten and tagged using our proprietary semantic analysis engine.
Who doesn’t crave more traffic? With MultiPress you can drive traffic to your blogs by submitting updates to RSS submission services and social bookmarking sites. This traffic plugin on steroids gets your blog indexed literally within minutes after updates, and brings you MORE traffic with LESS work. If only ever part of life was this easy, imagine the possibilities!